I use clay for both functional pieces and architectural installations partly to express my love of the natural world – of the sea, of animals and plants, of the seasons, and of the food particular to each - and partly because I consider it psychologically beneficial and important to use beautiful things in everyday life.

In both the tableware and the architectural work I aim for a feeling of restraint by abstracting  images and keeping overall forms clear and simple. On the other hand I try for a sense of fluidity and lack of precision in added details such as handles and in slip decoration and glazing. In the sea platters the inexactness helps convey the experience of seeing fish underwater, blurred by ever-changing ripples.

I like my pots to have a timeless, not at all commercial look – not overly controlled or over decorated - partly because that connects me to the long history of potters but also because of the air of seriousness it conveys. The pots are about enjoyment which is not frivolous.